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Add your supply listThis can be your “Supply List”, “Order List” or Pick List containing list of unique Invoices

Minimum required fields

  1. Invoice Number:   This has to be unique for your business. This can be “Bill Number”, “Order ID” etc. To change sheets’s header name, click on “More” then click on “Create New Templet
  2. Invoice Date:   This can be “Bill Date”, “Order Creation Date” etc.
  3. Customer Name:   This can be name of the “Person” or “Business” on Invoice or Bill.
  4. Customer Code:   This field is optional & can be important for your business. This has to be unique for each customer.
  5. Mobile Number:   This is customer’s mobile number.
  6. Amount:   This is Invoice or Bill Amount.
  7. Route Code:   This is an optional field & can be important for your business. This represents, delivery route code for your customers.
Invoice NumberInvoice DateCustomer NameCustomer CodeMobile NumberAmountRoute Code
Import file in above format (.xls, .xlsx & .xml) (File size upto 1mb)